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Moshi Mocha Mart

One Piece Maids

One Piece Maids

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Returns: Returns will only be accepted for Standard Grade pins that were damaged in transit. If you receive an Standard grade pin with major flaws please email us at with your name, order number and photos of the pin.

Returns will not be accepted for B and C grade pins.

Exchanges: Exchanges will only be accepted for Standard pins that have been majorly damaged in transit. Please understand that because these pins are limited edition, an exchange may not be possible but you will be compensated. Exchanges will not be accepted for B and C grade Pins.




Standard Grade:

These pins have the most minimal flaws, not noticeable at half arms length. May have one or two small imperfections at close examination or when tilted in the light. Please note that sides and backs of pins do not apply unless the flaw is also visible from the front. Please also note that the larger/more complex the pin the more chances of flaws, so even standard grades may have minor imperfections. These pins are what is standard for the batch and the best pins from the batch.


B Grade:

May have one or two larger flaws, or several smaller flaws which vary in severity but do not take away from the overall integrity of the design. May include scratches, paint spots, under filled enamel, small areas of misfilled enamel, slight screenprint errors, etc. 


C Grade:

These pins have more immediately noticeable flaws, such as deeper scratches, missing or misaligned screenprint, noticeable paint spots, significant plating issues, etc. These will be more heavily discounted and will vary in quality. 


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